2020WRX S4 STI Sport♯

  • WRX S4 STI Sport♯
  • WRX S4 STI Sport♯
  • WRX S4 STI Sport♯
This is a complete car intended to be a "complete form of the STI Sport" with further sharpened "dynamic quality" and "static quality" while preserving the original concept of the STI Sport. To represent that evolution, this car has been given a "♯" (sharp) in its name, reflecting a semitone rise in pitch in a musical score. In any car, there is always a slight delay in the car's response to the driver's steering. The delay creates a discrepancy between the driver's intentions and the car's reactions, and the driver cannot feel the pleasure and exhilaration of driving because of that. The STI Sport ♯ has been tuned to reduce this delay radically. STI's goal is to create "a car that helps you to become a better driver"- such a car that allows you to exactly follow your desired driving line. In order to achieve the appropriate handling performance for that, a Flexible Draw Stiffener Rear, a first for STI's complete car in Japan, a Flexible Tower Bar whose brackets are fixed to the car’s body and which are tuned for rigidity, and a Flexible Draw Stiffener Front, all of which contributed greatly to S209's driving performance, have been fitted in this car as improvements to its "dynamic quality". Compared to the STI Sport, the time from steering to output of lateral G force has been reduced by 10% and roll speed by 4%. In addition, the intake and exhaust systems are tuned with an air cleaning element and muffler with reduced airflow resistance to improve engine torque under acceleration by up to 10% (based on STI's tests). Loud driving noise such as vibration from the road prevents the driver from fully enjoying a drive. Also, to improve the "static quality," sound insulation material used in the floor has been thickened, and a material with high vibration damping effect is added to the anti-vibration material placed in the spare tire pan.
As a result of these improvements, road noise (200 Hz) has been reduced by 0.6 dB in the front seats and 0.5 dB in the rear seats compared to the STI Sport. Enhancements were also observed in speech intelligibility. Therefore, you can enjoy the sporty feel in a comfortable, stress-free space with reduced vibration and noise.
Limited to 500 units


WRX S4 STI Sport♯
Sports Lineartronix (with Manual mode)
Overall Length
4,635 mm
Overall Width
1,795 mm
Overall Height
1,475 mm (including roof antenna)
2,650 mm
Tread [Front / Rear]
1,530 mm / 1,540 mm
Min. Road Clearance
135 mm
Kerb Weight
1,550 kg
Gross Kerb Weight
1,825 kg
Seating Capacity
5 people
Engine Type
1,998 cc
Bore x Stroke
86.0 mm × 86.0 mm
Compression Ratio
Max. Output [Net]
221 kW (300 PS) / 5600 rpm
Max. Torque [Net]
400 N・m (40.8 kgf・m) / 2000 - 4800 rpm
Number of Unites
500 units