Group N


Application Parts List
General notice
  • General notice

    General notice

    • 1. This website describes the STI sport parts for FIA Group N and the parts listed in this website are specifically intended to use for the SUBARU IMPREZA Japanese domestic models which are mentioned in the STI's FIA authorized vehicle list.
    • 2. STI reserves the right to change specifications, prices and part numbers or to discontinue parts at any time without prior notice.
    • 3. QTY in the text indicates quantity necessary for one vehicle.
    • 4. Component parts of kits and/or sets are not available separately.
    • 5. Data on part dimensions and performance characteristics may vary from that given on this website depending upon measurement and testing methods utilized.
    • 6. Actual parts may differ from the pictures or illustrations shown on this website.
    • 7. Installation of some parts may affect vehicle ride, comfort or driving characteristics. Please be aware of this possibility before installing any parts on your vehicle.
    • 8. You should also be aware that installation of some parts may affect driving performance (acceleration, maximum speed, braking effort or driveability), vehicle durability, emissions or collision performance; may cause corrosion, noise or vibration; and may make the performance of routine vehicle servicing and repairs more difficult.
    • 9. For further information on parts and related technical inquires, please contact the shop where you purchased the part.
    • 10. Entrants in events sponsored by the Federation Internationale De L'Automobile (FIA) take responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle complies with all applicable FIA rules and regulations. Furthermore, entrants must ensure that vehicles on which STI sport parts are installed comply with the supplementary regulations issued by the rally event organizer.
    • 11. Although the STI sport parts depicted on this website are intended for installation on Japanese domestic models, some of those parts may fit on models sold overseas. To determine if any parts are available for purchase outside of Japan, we suggest that you check with the local Subaru distributor in your country. The "Important Notice" provision appearing below apply to STI sport parts installed on vehicles outside of Japan.
  • Notice of installation

    Notice of installation

    • 1. Do not install the parts on vehicles that are not included in the STI's FIA authorized vehicle list. In addition, the parts should not be modified, disassembled or altered in any manner.
    • 2. Some parts should not be installed in combination with other parts. Combining certain parts may cause improper operation. Please confirm specifications in advance.
    • 3. Do not combine the part with a non-STI sport part. Doing so may cause to damage the parts and/or the vehicle.
  • Disclaimer of Warranties

    Disclaimer of Warranties

    The Part is sold "as is" without any warranty of any kind. All implied warranties, including all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are excluded. Purchaser acknowledges that no representations have been made regarding the part, including but not limited to any representations as to its quality or performance, and purchaser shall be responsible for and bear all costs of repair or replacement due to any defect in or failure of the part. Purchaser also acknowledges that there will be no warranty coverage for any part that fails as a result of the installation of the part. Purchaser accepts all responsibility for all vehicle modifications and all potential risks.

  • Important Notice

    Important Notice

    Installation of the part on a vehicle intended for use on public roads may violate laws and regulations including those relating to emissions requirements and motor vehicle safety standards. Purchaser is responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations and for taking all necessary action before the vehicle on which the part has been installed is used on public roads. In addition, installation of the part may void warranty coverage on your vehicle.

  • Parts ordering

    Parts ordering

    T.B.D. (To be determined)

  • Applied model code

    Applied model code

    In order to find the correct parts, please check the applied model code shown on the model plate which is riveted on the top of strut mount bracket in the engine compartment.

All information, illustration and specifications contained on this website are based on product information available in January 2007.