Delivering "the world's most enjoyable" driving experience.

This is the mission of STI - SUBARU’s own sports brand.

Our pursuit is the development of "the world's most enjoyable" automobile,
harmonized with the five senses.

We pursue cars that can smoothly respond to a driver's commands
as though it were an extension of the body, whether on a circuit or on the road.
By accurately fulfilling a driver's expectations regardless of the situation,
and by providing the feeling of elation with amazing control,
the car enhances the skill of driving and is comfortable for its passengers as well.

STI participates in motor sports with an ideal car
so that by carefully testing our ideas and technology in races alongside the world's top competitors,
we can train both man and machine.

In order to deliver "the world's most enjoyable"
and emotionally engaging driving experience to those who love SUBARU,
we infuse our products with STI ideas and technology
that has been tested in competitive racing.