It's not the car. it's the driver.

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At STI, we empower the driver to go faster with engineering that inspires confidence. Our unconventional approach takes the Subaru engineering mantra – “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” – to the racetrack. We don’t just build more powerful cars, we build cars that create more powerful drivers.



In an STI vehicle, what's behind the wheel is as important as what's under the hood. Enhancing the driver is the most potent upgrade you can make. We push the limits of motorsport by making vehicles more communicative, responsive, and easier to push faster, harder and closer to the limit.




A vehicle that’s easy to drive safely at the limit in competition is a vehicle that can be safely driven on the streets. High speeds and the duress of competition are the ultimate tests of quality. Competition is the proving ground of our technology.

A Proven Formula

The basic formula hasn’t changed for decades. Low center of gravity and high traction—both made possible by the Subaru engineering constant—the horizontally-opposed SUBARU BOXER engine coupled with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

An extension of the Driver

An STI vehicle is designed to be so intuitive and confidence-inspiring that it feels connected to the drivers’ nervous system. In competition and at the Nürburgring, STI vehicles are known for beating more powerful cars. Why? Because STI vehicles empower drivers.


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Motorsport is the most extreme form of driving. It’s the ultimate test of the driver, the ultimate test of the machine, and the ultimate test of STI philosophy.


Motorsports. The Ultimate Test.

More can be learned from racing than any computer simulation or laboratory test. A racing vehicle experiences more stresses, more speed, and more extreme conditions than a production car will encounter over multiple lifetimes.

This is why motorsport is the basis for STI engineering inspiration – what wins races on the track can improve lives on the road. What helps racers drive more swiftly, can help you drive more safely. The Subaru engineering mantra, “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind,” is as important for racing as it is for driving the streets.




The SUBARU WRX STI NBR 24H Challenge-Powered by “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.”

The Nürburgring course is a beast. 25.378 km (15.769 mi) per lap. 300 m (1,000 feet) of elevation change. 170 precarious corners. It’s the ultimate test of both driver and machinery. It’s also the proving ground for SUBARU brand value-“Enjoyment and Peace of Mind”-for 20 years and counting.



Other in-house tuners simply modify cars to be faster. STI does things differently. We modify the car to make the driver faster. It's a special blend of engineering magic derived from the Subaru engineering mantra – “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.”


STI is the monastery of performance philosophy, a think tank of driving theory, a university of automotive principles. STI engineers tirelessly study, experiment, and test, in a never-ending quest to uncover the root fundamentals of performance.

We ask ourselves constantly: How are performance and confidence connected? What makes a car go faster? What makes a vehicle more enjoyable to drive?

We listen to racers and drivers. We use simulators, wind tunnels and tracks like the Nürburgring Nordschleife to put our engineering to the test. We drive in snow. We drive in mud. We drive in competition. All to create the ultimate automotive experience.