Sport, Always
What kind of complete car does STI aim for?

On every occasion and on all roads, interaction with a car is a "sport".

It’s like the exhilaration felt when your ball hits that sweet spot
and flies as you desire in golf or tennis,
or when you speed down the road, cutting through the wind on a bike.
STI's ideal driving experience is comparable
to the pleasure felt in athletic sports.

You enjoy driving when you can control the car at will
- as if it were an extension of your own body.
You can feel this pleasure not only in special places
such as on the racetrack, but also the roads you normally drive.
Think of the moment you feel the wheels begin to turn as you pull out of the garage,
or the moment you turn a familiar corner.

We continue to pursue and refine the pleasure of driving
that owners of our cars can feel with their daily driving.

Our philosophy of "Sport, Always!” expresses the "pleasure of driving" and
"ride comfort" no matter where you go, and no matter who comes along for the ride too.
We at STI deliver complete cars that are emotionally engaging
and incorporate the pleasure of sports.