Important Notice to Owners of the Impreza S203, Voluntary Solution for Problems Discovered with Impreza S203 Rear Spoiler Fittings

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We at Subaru Tecnica International Inc.(STI) thank you for your patronage of our products. We would like to notify that we have reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan the implementation of voluntary solution process for the Impreza S203 which was developed and manufactured by STI. It has been found that due to an inappropriate installation method for the rear spoiler, the stay's rear-end attaching point on the boot surface can crack because of vibration when the car is running, putting strain on the fitting.


The attaching point of Impreza S203 which requires the solution will be inspected and fixed by the addition of pieces of solid rubber and large washers.
*After the process has been completed, ‘C-50 voluntary solution implemented’ will be written in your maintenance notes.

Notification to Owners

Your SUBARU dealer will notify you on this matter.

Models Applicable for the solution

STI Special Specification Model ‘Impreza S203s’ manufactured between December 2004 and March 2005 (516 units)

Further Inquiries

Please contact the SUBARU dealership where you purchased your Impreza S203.