2012EXIGA tS

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  • EXIGA tS
With aspirations of providing a sportier drive to a multi-/7-seater without sacrificing comfort and quietness, STI has thoroughly eliminated discomfort while realizing a smooth engine rev-up thanks to the combination of the horizontally opposed 2.0 turbo engine and 5AT in the EXIGA tS. As such, STI has chosen a solution that can cater for the various needs to satisfy even the owner’s family. In order to provide the ‘pleasure of driving’ for the driver and ‘pleasure of being driven’ for the passengers, STI original chassis tuning has been incorporated, such as the use of a Flexible Tower Bar and Flexible Draw Stiffener in addition to the suspension unit to dedicated specifications. Through the tuning, the car realizes a ‘flexible yet elegant driving feel’ which provides peace of mind to all passengers. In addition to its smooth driving, the car allows a driver to do hard breaking with a reliable Brembo brake system when needed. The EXIGA tS is a model that provides both comfort and driving pleasure. The ‘tS’ and ‘STI’ emblems added to its exterior represent how much thought has been put into the car.

Limited to 300 units.


E-5AT (with Manual mode)
Overall Length
4,740 mm
Overall Width
1,775 mm
Overall Height
1,650 mm
2,750 mm
Tread [Front / Rear]
1,530 mm / 1,535 mm
Min. Road Clearance
165 mm
Kerb Weight [Reference Value]
1,620 kg
Gross Kerb Weight [Reference Value]
2,005 kg
Seating Capacity
7 people
Engine Type
1,994 cc
Bore x Stroke
92.0 mm × 75.0 mm
Compression Ratio
Max. Output [Net]
165 kW (225 PS) / 5600 rpm
Max. Torque [Net]
326 N・m (33.2 kgf・m) / 4400 rpm
Number of Unites
300 units