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The R205 was a complete car from STI; the ‘R’ signifying the ‘road’. Based on the Impreza WRX STI, the model utilised technology developed through STI’s participation in the Nürburgring 24-hour Race to the full. As the name implies, focus was given to the car’s performance on public roads in its development in order to create the best road-going car possible. As for the engine, maximum output was increased to 320PS and the maximum torque to 44.0kgf・m by the introduction of such components as a special ball bearing twin scroll turbo. In addition, Brembo 18-inch discs and callipers were installed on the front and rear brakes. With regard to the exterior, aerodynamic devices including STI front and rear under spoilers were fitted. In order to further enhance the ‘flexible yet elegant driving feel’ that STI aims for, a newly developed Flexible Draw Stiffener was installed along with STI dampers/springs and Flexible Tower Bar. As a result, the car could achieve exceptional vehicle manoeuvrability, which made the car react smoothly to the driver’s intention.
Limited to 400 units


Overall Length
4,415 mm
Overall Width
1,795 mm
Overall Height
1,465 mm
2,625 mm
Tread [Front / Rear]
1,535 mm / 1,545 mm
Min. Road Clearance
140 mm
Kerb Weight [Reference Value]
1,470 kg
Gross Kerb Weight [Reference Value]
1,745 kg
Seating Capacity
5 people
Engine Type
1,994 cc
Bore x Stroke
92.0 mm × 75.0 mm
Compression Ratio
Max. Output [Net]
235 kW (320 PS) / 6400 rpm
Max. Torque [Net]
432 N・m (44.0 kgf・m) / 4400 rpm
Number of Unites
400 units