1998IMPREZA 22B STI version

  • IMPREZA 22B STI version
The Impreza 22B STI version was a road model recreating the look and feel of the ‘Impreza World Rally Car 97’, which had won the World Rally Car category for three consecutive years in the World Rally Championship. Its features included extruding front and rear blister fenders, a bumper with integrated front grill, an aluminium bonnet with brace grill, side skirts, and a large rear spoiler. The body colour was STI’s iconic Sonic Blue Mica. The displacement of the 4-cylinder/4-cam, 16-valve turbo and horizontally opposed engine, known as ‘EJ22 modification’, was increased to 2212cc. Although maximum output stayed at 280PS, its engine could achieve a flat high torque at a rotation range from 2800 to 5200rpm and a stress-free increase of revolutions up to 7900 rpm. In the close-ratio transmission with driver-controlled centre differential, materials for the main shaft and 2nd driven gear were reinforced, and special hard shot peening was added to all gears. By combining a twin plate clutch, it was able to handle the high output and high torque that the engine produced. For the suspension, specially tuned Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs were used, just as in the WR car, while its 235/40/17 tyres were fitted with gold-coloured BBS forged aluminium wheels. The car’s Super Quick Steering Gearbox had a steering gear ratio of 13:1, giving this vehicle the reputation as a road model version of the WR car.

Limited to 400 units


Overall Length
4,365 mm
Overall Width
1,770 mm
Overall Height
1,390 mm
2,520 mm
Tread [Front / Rear]
1,480 mm / 1,500 mm
Min. Road Clearance
140 mm
Kerb Weight [Reference Value]
1,270 kg
Gross Kerb Weight [Reference Value]
1,545 kg
Seating Capacity
5 people
Engine Type
2,212 cc
Bore x Stroke
96.9 mm × 75.0 mm
Compression Ratio
Max. Output [Net]
206 kW (280 PS) / 6000 rpm
Max. Torque [Net]
363 N・m (37.0 kgf・m) / 3200 rpm
Number of Unites
400 units