Introducing the Aerodynamic that has been developed based on a totally new idea. With one installed in their car, anyone can be good at driving on any type of road.


Incorporating technology which has been constantly refined through motor sports, the STI aero parts have both excellent design and functionality.
By fitting them, not only the appearance but also the handling and ride comfort of the car will also improve. With better aerodynamic performance, your car will become easier to drive. You can take it easy and will feel like driving further.
Drive more effortlessly, and be more active.

How can STI aero parts boost a car’s handling and fuel efficiency?

  • STI aero parts rectify the airflow which the car receives and reduce rocking motion such as wobbles, to result in enhanced handling and stability. In addition, since wasteful motions can be reduced, fuel efficiency improves. STI introduces technology that has been developed and refined through motor sports in its off-the-shelf aero parts and shape them into products with genuine functions. Furthermore, their streamlined design with an emphasis on functionality also provides your car with a stylish look.

To create stylish and high-performance parts, STI carries out many development activities, analyses and tests.

  • STI develops function-oriented aero parts with streamlined shapes and a stylish design, taking advantage of the direct relationship with SUBARU. Not only the appearance but the development focuses also on some other key points such as not letting the wind hit the tires and rectifying airflow not to let it in the wheel houses by controlling the flow rate and pressure.
    Taking feedback from motor sports participation into consideration, development activities start with product planning, go through analyses, and finally the actual designing takes place.
    After designing, prototyping and driving evaluation tests including driving on snow and wind tunnel tests are repeated for more than a year to verify the performance before the parts are commercialized for the public.
    In developing aero parts, we keep in mind that they should never interfere with sensors and other functions of the original SUBARU car, in addition to improving the appearance and performance. For example, a structure which does not activate the pedestrian protection airbag* sensor by installing the STI front under spoiler is required. Such a detailed setting is possible only because STI can directly work with SUBARU in the development of our parts.
    * In case of the vehicles equipped with pedestrian protection airbag.

Why should you choose STI aero parts?

  • With their streamlined shapes and the pursuit of functions, these aero parts which perfectly match SUBARU cars can only be developed by STI. Being co-developed with SUBARU designers, STI aero parts give your car a sporty and stylish look without affecting the philosophy behind the car. For competition cars for Super GT or the Nürburgring 24-hour race, STI aero parts are developed, analyzed and proven in the same way.

FORESTER with STI aero parts

STI aero parts adjust the airflow as well as generating down force, and as a result, the road holding ability of the tires, maneuverability, stability, straight drivability and ride comfort of your car will improve.

With aero parts installed, the airflow changes.


Aero parts enhance straight-drivability of the car by suppressing air turbulence spread outward from the underbody.
Installation of the Front Lip Spoiler generates down force behind the spoiler and the car is sucked to the ground. This results in increased road-holding ability of the tires as well as improved handling and stability of the car.


As disturbance of air under the side of the body is eliminated, down force is generated to stop the car from floating. As a result, the road-holding ability of the tires is enhanced and therefore the handling and stability of the car improves.

The Rear Side Under Spoiler rectifies air coming out of the rear wheelhouses to stabilize turbulence around the rear bumper, which results in vehicle stability and enhanced ride comfort in the rear seats.

When you are behind the wheel you may not be aware of it so much, but even a car running at 30 km/h on a public road can in fact receive very strong power of the wind. The aero parts reduce that air resistance by rectifying airflow when they are fitted onto the car. They also generate force to hold down the car to increase driving stability. With these aero parts on your car, you can drive more effortlessly and in a relaxed manner.

With enhanced driving stability, the car wobbles less, which means the need for steering corrections -small additions or reductions of steering is reduced. This alleviates driving fatigue. Ride comfort also improves as rolls and vibrations are reduced, which means not only the driver but also everyone inside can feel comfortable. Furthermore, the aero parts contribute to improved fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance on the car. As all the passengers can enjoy a pleasant ride for a long distance, they can fully enjoy activities after arriving at their destination.

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