Established April 2, 1988
Head Office 3-9-6, Osawa, Mitaka city, Tokyo
TEL. +81 422 33 7848 FAX. +81 422 33 7844
Main Business Operations - Management of SUBARU motorsport activities
- Development of motorsport engines/chassis
- Planning and development of SUBARU STI versions
- Planning and development of STI original limited edition car
- Development and manufacture of competition sports parts for SUBARU cars
- Development and sales of Group N parts
- Development and manufacture of tuning parts and accesories for SUBARU cars
- Planning and sales of STI official merchandise
- PR for SUBARU motorsport activities (web site management, creation of motorsport videos and PR magazine)
- Planning and operation of SUBARU motorsport promotional events; planning of motorsport exhibition at auto shows
- User support
President Yasuo Hiraoka
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