Established April 2, 1988
Head Office 3-9-6, Osawa, Mitaka city, Tokyo
TEL. +81 422 33 7848 FAX. +81 422 33 7844
Main Business Operations - Management of SUBARU motorsport activities
- Development of motorsport engines/chassis
- Planning and development of SUBARU STI versions
- Planning and development of STI original limited edition car
- Development and manufacture of competition sports parts for SUBARU cars
- Development and sales of Group N parts
- Development and manufacture of tuning parts and accesories for SUBARU cars
- Planning and sales of STI official merchandise
- PR for SUBARU motorsport activities (web site management, creation of motorsport videos and PR magazine)
- Planning and operation of SUBARU motorsport promotional events; planning of motorsport exhibition at auto shows
- User support
Board Members
President Yoshio Hirakawa
Director, General Manager,
Product Planning Dept.
Hiroshi Mori
Director, General Manager,
Administration Dept.
Hajime Morimoto
Director Toshiaki Okada
Director Takuji Dai
Director Fumiaki Hayata
Director Takumi Ogasawara
Director Toshiki Kageyama
Auditor Koji Mitsuno
(As of 1th April 2017)
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