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 Group R4

Group R4 was introduced from 2011, based on Group N car and fitted with the kit parts (VR4) for Group R4 such as suspensions and lightweight body parts to improve competitiveness of Group N (N4) car which is stringently regulated to modify from production car.

R4 is categorized as A2 class in FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), the same as S2000 (1.6TΦ30, 2.0 NA) and R5. R4 cars compete with N4 cars in addition to S2000 and R5 cars in FIA WRC-2 Championship.

R4 was permitted to participate in FIA Regional Championships and ASN National Championships.*

*Please confirm the regulations for each championship for official entry.

Main specifications of Group R4

  • Minimum Weight: 1,300kg
  • Reduced Vehicle Weight items: Bonnet, doors, inner panel of rear gates etc.
  • Polycarbonated Screens: Front doors, rear doors, rear gates, rear quarters etc.
  • Reduced & Simplified Interior Trim Weight items: Dashboard, heater system etc.
  • Improved Suspension: Strength, stiffness and stroke
  • Improved Cooling performance: Additional bonnet openings
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