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Technical Information
The information for DCCD unit Operation for 05MY car.
IMPREZA WRX STi GDBE4EH & spec C WR-Limited 2004 GDBE4FH
18 May.2005
When you convert "05 Group.N base car 17 inch spec C (auto DCCD with ABS fitted)" into "without ABS", you do NOT need to change to "Manual DCCD without ABS unit" (P/NO. 32520AA120) you needed for 04MY as long as it meets conditions below.
(Please note Only Manual mode will work ,but AUTO mode will not work under this condition.)

  1. All wiring looms which related to "DCCD" have to be remain as original (remain as it used to be). But, To disconnect of DCCD connector(B380, color:Gray) terminal 4 (color:black / white) has became needed to operate center diff control manual mode properly.
    If it has not been done, center diff will become free when brake signal been input and it may cause disturbance of vehicle movement. Please be cautious of that.
  2. Plug in connector with "ABSHCU unit" remain (must not be modified anything in relation to this part). It will not be problem if "ABS hydraulic system" has been taken away.
  3. EMCD related sensors / switches (such as "yaw rate sensor", etc) must not be taken away.
But as when you do "ignition on", EMCD will be on the initial setting that is "Auto mode", you need to switch it (EMCD) to "Manual mode".

Of course if you use EMCD unit of "Manual EMCD without ABS"(P/NO.32520AA130) that you used to do for 04MY, you do not need to switch it (EMCD) to "Manual mode" mentioned above.

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